Thursday, April 28, 2011

Is It Spring Yet?

 Is It Spring Yet?


OK . . . so I have finally come out of hibernation and it's still cold out. What's up with that, I thought we were getting global warming but this winter is taking forever to go away.

The drive belt broke on my snowblower a couple of weeks ago with the last snow.

I guess it's as good of a time as any to say to WATCH OUT for motorcycles - second nature in the south where bikes are on the road all year but in the Northern States and Canada, you don't see too many motorcycles in the snow.


Be extra careful checking your mirrors and always check your blind spots before changing lanes or making sudden unsignaled turns

  Drive Safe and let them Arrive Alive



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Anonymous said...

I agree!
You offer such good advice and kind thoughts to people on the road.
Your advice is excellent and an important read to everyone where ever they live.
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seo safety said...

times like this we are supposed to be extra careful driving on the streets, increasing cases of accidents and its lack of concern for safety is very alarming ..

Cheap Flights said...

Sometimes, I'm really annoyed on a motorcycle cause they don't know how to drive w/ care. They just keep on overtaking and overtaking w/o even thinking about other drivers. If they get hurt thru accident, you still need to pay eventhough the fault is them