Saturday, December 4, 2010

Here comes the snow

Winter is coming and there's nothing anyone can do to stop it.
All you can do is prepare for what's ahead.

Hey Buffalo, did you get enough snow yesterday or you want some more?
These shots were on I 90 near Buffalo just a different storm.

I used to drive a truck through Buffalo to Syracuse every day and saw some pretty ominous lake effect snow events like they just had yesterday which stranded motorists for more than ten hours along Interstate 90.

One particular trip through that stretch I saw more cars and trucks in the ditch or stuck in snow drifts across the road than I saw actually driving, fortunately I had a heavy load and was driving a ten wheeler that could drive through almost anything.


The amazing thing about these Lake Effect snow storms is that thirty miles up-wind on the other side of the lake, it can be a bright sunny day although very very cold as in the scene below which dumped four feet of snow on Buffalo in just a few hours.

In this scene, a cold wind is at your back blowing directly over Lake Ontario towards Buffalo, first forming streamers of what looks like steam rising off the lake and quickly forming a thick cloud almost like a dense fog bank just hanging several hundred yards off shore. That "fog bank" is the origin of an intense lake effect snow band that paralyzed Buffalo for days about fifteen years ago. I took this shot on returning from Syracuse after spending about three hours getting past Buffalo Airport.

Be ready for whatever you may encounter in winter driving or better yet, stay home and keep warm and toasty.

That's what I plan to do.


Kimmy said...

Great post on the snow. I live in the Chicago Suburbs, and my office is downtown Chicago. Now I know I am lucky that I do not have to travel in heavy snow. However, that is just been this position. For the 15 years before, I was amazed by how many people that understand the weather in Chicago, neglect safety in the element. It is a classic sign to see a truck, or SUV in the ditch. I drive a suburban, but that is no excuse to drive like I am untouchable. I saw a blazer once speed past me. Not a mile later, I saw him sideways in a median. From your SEMI pic, no one is safe from mother nature. Thanks again!

Jackie said...

That area is definitely one of the worst. I know I have been on the road with Walter there many times.

Wow, everyday you drove it. What a pain!!

He's been going in and out of Canada all year and has already had a couple of times when he just simply pulled off and waited it out.

You know where you should why are you up there freezing?

Have a good one Don and big big hugs!

Think With Your Taste Buds - Chicken said...

I don't envy anyone living in the "snow" areas. I'm in the south and when we get snow it's a holiday. But I'm ready to see it fall, look at it for a day and then see it go away.

babycare said...

well.. from the picture i only see white and full of can make you can see anything in front of you.. :(

Anonymous said...

So true, the snow came down in england!! but this was worse man . WOAH!!

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