Monday, March 24, 2008

Get Off the Road

There was a cube van stopped at the beginning of a lane split where 2 lanes leave five at 65 Mph.

Traffic was swerving in both lanes the van was partially blocking which affected all lanes. Lots of brake lights and sudden lane breaches.

I don't know if the guy was broken down or trying to figure out which way to go but there were no turn signals, 4 way flashers or any other warning devices.

If he broke down, could he not have coasted 70 feet farther into the "bullnose" so he would be clear of the traffic lanes.

If he was trying to figure out which way to go, he should just LOSE HIS LICENSE FOR BEING STUPID! You Don't Stop on multi lane highways unless it's an emergency.

Over the years, I've passed and been affected by more than a dozen fatal rear end crashes where one vehicle was stopped and hit at highway speed.

If you are on a highway and you aren't traveling highway speeds, GET OFF.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mandatory speed limiters in trucks in Ontario . . .

Legislation was tabled Wednesday at Queens Park, to make speed limiters mandatory for all Transport Trucks traveling through Ontario.

Trucks would be limited to 105 Kph or about 65 Mph as an absolute maximum speed.

What most people won't immediately realize is that this is going to limit the speed of all traffic and cause enormous bottlenecks on long stretches of two lane highways like 401 from Windsor to London because trucks won't be able to pass each other anymore so they will run down the road side by side at their top speed of 105.

Meanwhile, the car traffic that likes to drive 110 to 120 Kph or more will be sitting behind trucks that can't pass each other.

What do you think?

Am I wrong?

Any Opinions?

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Use your signals, please

Some people don't seem to think about their turn signals very much, not good when you're doing 70 in four lanes of traffic.

Today, two cars almost hit each other in front of me on just such highway. The guy in my lane went left one lane while a car was passing. The guy in my lane did not use his signals so the car passing had no idea he was changing lanes.

The car passing swerved, slammed on his brakes and just barely missed the wall trying to avoid the guy leaving my lane. Meanwhile the guy that was in my lane also slammed on his brakes and swerved over into the next lane to the right. If there was a car there he would have hit it.

I had already dropped back when I saw the guy drifting across in the other guys path, I have seen a few multi car (chain reaction accidents) and don't want to be in one.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Potholes everwhere

Lookout for those potholes, anyone in the Northern States or Canada will likely see a lot more potholes this year due to precipitation and temperature changes and the accompanying freeze and thaw damage.

The freeze and thaw cycles are road killers especially with a spray of salt to kick an additional chill through the surface helping to break the paving bonds from the road base.

Pothole Repair season starts next week so before long, the roads will be nice and smooth again.

Safe motoring,

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Saturday, March 8, 2008


Has anyone else had it with this winter?

I heard on the news today that there has been snow in Toronto 42 days so far this winter and now we have this massive winter storm from Friday afternoon through the whole day Saturday to contend with.

Enough already, I have a six foot high pile of dirty grey ice at the bottom of my driveway already without this storm dropping another foot of snow to be shoveled on top of the heavy slush the snow plow is kind enough to leave me.

The snow plow driver must like me, he always leaves me a lot more than any of my neighbors, Maybe it's because I'm on the corner of a busy 4 lane road and a side street and when they "round the corner" the bulk ends up in my driveway.

My neighbor will have a little pile maybe a foot high and two feet wide, I walk out and see a pile in my driveway three feet high and six feet wide. My neighbors laugh about it, xxxholes!

WITH a snowblower it takes me 45 minutes to make a hole big enough for my car to get out cause it's usually refrozen icy slush and too high for the snow blower to bite.

Maybe I should move, get away from the corner, maybe to Ft. Lauderdale or Datona, I don't think the plow driver can push it that far.

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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Winter driving conditions

I've been spending a lot of time the last few weeks on the intercity highways and have see some nasty mishaps. as usual most crashes I saw were due to someone trying to do something too fast or too close for weather conditions.

I could have had some really interesting photos if I had my camera but I didn't have it, I've been concerned about condensation from exposure to the cold so I don't use it a lot in the winter.

Winter, Yuk . . .

Will it ever end?

Three times the normal snowfall of a normal February and most of it is still around as dirty ice piles that won't go away.

Anyone else done with winter this year?