Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Construction,Construction, Construction

Each night I drive my son to work at the Ford plant near Toronto so I spend some time every night on the QEW Highway.

For anyone that uses the QEW, they know construction is the norm through the Oakville stretch.
Recently the timing of my trips put me in the thick of the congestion to get through the area. Miles and miles just idling along with the thousands of other drivers wasting fuel and polluting the air.

Alas, a change of shift, my son goes in a bit earlier now so I leave a little earlier. Now I see the construction crews just arriving with their coffee in hand planning out their strategy for causing absolute traffic chaos  paralyzing the west end of the city.


John C said...

I always had to stop and ask service attendants if I should take the QEW East or West to get to Toronto...and they always replied "QEW Toronto".

I think it was a conspiracy.

donssite said...

From Niagara, you go west for about an hour to Hamilton, then you go east for about an hour to Toronto.

If there was a bridge over Lake Ontario, you could drive north for half an hour and you're there.

Care to invest?

Mike Golch said...

I like the New look.