Saturday, August 2, 2008

Let's use HYDROGEN for fuel, save gasoline for lawn mowers.

It's time to switch over to hydrogen for transportation fuel.

Remember Way back in 1975 or so (if you were around) when the big Energy Crisis hit and gas stations had huge line ups and sometimes restrictions of five or ten dollars per visit or with the added restriction of using license plate to allow odd or even days you could purchase gas.

I remember back then seeing a few articles about using hydrogen as a fuel where water was the only natural resource required and steam was the only polution it produced.

What Happened?

Is it the cost of production?

Is it the cost of establishing an international infrastructure to supply the demand that would develop?

Is it the cost of developing engines and fuel storage technology?

Or, is it OIL?

Was it Exxon or Imperial that just announced their last quarter only produced 11 billion dollars in profit?

Pretty good motive for qwashing any hydrogen technology if you ask me.

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Da Old Man said...

What they should have and could have done, was make hydrogen available in certain vehicles where the infrastructure wasn't important. For example, in fleets of buses and company vehicles like Public Service that don't need to fuel up on the road, but rather at the depot. But you and I both know it was the oil companies behind not allowing something like this. Oil companies that support both parties, by the way.

threio said...

I remember the lines and going on days based on letters in your plate. I also remember my desperation and the syphoning of gas from a local school buses which I am not proud of today.

Hydrogen seems like the answer, pump in your garage, and I really don't care if Exxon and the ELectric company split the profits as long as it is cheaper that 2.00 a gallon!

M.Huzaifah Muntalip said...

the thing is hydrogen research is expensive. they cant sell it cheap because to cover the research cost. my country has done research on biodesel and the result is very good. but they have to subsidize the price on the market so that people will be afford to buy. hmm..

Mike Golch said...

the reason that was not done in the seventies is two fold. Car makers did not want to make changes and still donot!Oil companies did not want to lose any profits ans still do not! all this talk about changing over to alternaitve fuels will just be that TALK!

Laurie said...

Something anything, please someone. lol

I have noticed today our gas here in Minnesota where we live has dropped in price by 0.40 per gallon. I about fell over !!!

JD from Hoeno said...

Yeah, it's all about the money and the monopolies. Compressed air has problems but based off of what I've read, it is sound both economically and environmentally in the long run. In any case, changes will only be made when powerful people are forced to make them or find something better to monopolize.