Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Another street racing crash

Last night there was another street racing accident in Toronto that will likely leave a 22 year old woman parallelized from the neck down. It was referred to as a Nascar-like crash by the media.

Witnesses reported a second car which Police have already impounded. The two cars may have touched causing the accident.

Ontario passed a tough street racing law for speeding more that 50 kilometers (30 miles) over the limit in September of last year and have laid over 7500 charges so far.

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Ancient Clown said...


There have been numerous car accidents resulting in numerous deaths...what about just STOP driving. The environment would improve, less deaths and damages, no more roadkill.
On the other side of that coin it takes longer to get somewhere...which shouldn't really matter if it was the journey itself that mattered most.
"I don't think i know...I just know i'm thinking."
your humble servant,
ancient clown

WorldmedTourism said...

Safty fist

Harry said...

Good blog friend. I appreciate ur concern for the big cause of road safety...

Mike Golch said...

The sads thing is that the professional race car drivers are just that, and for the kid to try this is just plain the 22 year old will live with a "prision" sentence that should never have been.

Dave said...

These boys cant drive, They give everybody who does any form of motorsport a bad name. I think penalty's need to be extremely harsh. The problem is the technology of the internal combustion engine, So maybe limiting the engine size for new drivers.

Khaled said...

I don't think limiting the engine size will help. Even a smart car, which is certainly not designer for racing has a top speed of over 90mph. If you add more speed cameras or police patrols, it will certainly help to catch those offending, but it wont stop people from speeding. The only way to stop youngsters from speeding is to better educate them in the first place (which is no easy task).

Sage said...

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