Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Traffic mess

What a Mess . . .

Two days after a 5 hour closure just a quarter mile west of this accident (previous post) another closure for several hours to clean up this mess then the next day, CLOSURE YET AGAIN for several hours, but this time it's the west bounders turn.

Highway accidents can be very serious and occur very suddenly when traffic is traveling at speed.

It's so important to keep a safe distance between vehicles, but I still see so many "packs" of vehicles maybe six or eight at a time driving at 75 miles an hour just a car length apart.

I still remember quite vividly while driving home one night in the rain seeing a car in my mirror coming up quickly from behind in heavy traffic changing lanes erratically. He lost control right behind me and spun out in front of a pack of cars, it was like a good break when you play eight ball.

All I could do was watch in my mirror as cars were going every which way, spinning into each other, into the wall and into the ditch. I quickly took the upcoming exit as I called 911 and doubled back on the service road to beside the accident scene. Luckily although there were many cars involved (probably about ten) there were no serious impacts although there were some seriously hot tempers.

This accident may have only involved three or four cars if traffic was spaced a little farther apart where each car had a little more safety space.

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Mac said...

I see that everyday. Plus rain and smog.

Paul Eilers said...

Traffic sucks, especially here on I-40. In the morning, they drive like maniacs, headed for Little Rock.

They all get so close behind each other, it makes me nervous just to watch it.

I always get in the right lane and take it easy. Especially now that we have a one year old son in the mini-van with us.

Natural said...

this is a hot mess. the traffic that is. i spent several hours on the parkway and i still don't know why.

Anonymous said...

I used the count method to teach my children to get 3 car lengths. You can count using a marker, pole etc that the car or truck ahead just pasted and count 1000 one, 1000 two and 1000 three. This will give you an idea how close you are.

I happen to be lucky since their is little traffic until right before I get to work. T

Khaled said...

Most people believe themselves to be good drivers, but don't take into account that as safe as they are it only takes one bad driver to end their journey. So you are right, its good practice to leave plenty of breaking space between you and the vehicle in front.

firman said...

in my country that still light taffic.. more more horrible.. ever u can imagine..