Sunday, July 20, 2008

Truck accidents on our roads

Truck accidents occur daily somewhere on our roads. This was one I passed today which closed eastbound lanes into Toronto for several hours.

I kept hearing on the news that a truck load of pipe shifted, I thought it fell onto the highway as the truck entered or left the highway or perhaps the trailer jackknifed and lost the load.

Then I drove by the scene. The load shifted straight forward into the cab of the truck. I never heard any news on the driver in any of the news or traffic reports so I don't know if he was hurt. Driving by the scene it looked like the steering wheel was intact but I couldn't see whether the seat was intact.

Motorists passing by this scene could see a graphic example of why you should keep a safe distance between vehicles and not expect that a truck can stop quickly like a car.

I don't know the cause of this accident, but the effect paralyzed traffic heading into Toronto for hours at an enormous cost and will apply a devastating blow to the driver if he survived, his family and the trucking company.

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Atniz said...

I hate to bring car, plus if it is accident then it is worst. My head can explode... Luckily, my husband take that job...

In Penang bridge it is the same situation during peak time. We don't need that accident to stuck in jam..

Telecom Jobs Europe said...

I guess we people are not safe anywhere.

threio said...

I never understood why we don't have more roads for trucks only. As much as we spend on the maintenance you would think we could get more trucker extensions.

Laurie said...

Wow how awful. You know I understand having trucks have their own roads and so and me being one that has almost been smooshed between a semi and guard rail not once, but twice at different times by different tucks not seeing me.

I also however have seen some of the best driving and safety by truck driver's and I have also seen people in cars do totally stupid things in front of a big rig and act like they don't care.