Friday, August 22, 2008

Flying Tarp

Just a couple of days after writing about "Gators" on the road and other road debris, I saw a serious problem instantly develop on my drive into the city this morning.

A large rolled tarp fell off a truck in a center lane at 60 mph in heavy traffic.

A car right behind the truck had no choice but to run over it likely causing considerable damage as I could see the front wheel leave the ground.

The tarp immediately started opening and cars started swerving all over the highway. In my mirror I could see one car fly across three lanes onto the shoulder and back into traffic.

I don't know what eventually happened but it had to scare the hell out of many drivers.

As I always say, Leave Lots of Space Between Vehicles - AT LEAST TWO FULL SECONDS , I prefer three seconds because you never know what might happen in front of you and I like going home every night.

Another point of today's post is to Truckers - SECURE YOUR LOAD ! ! !

The overwhelming majority of truck drivers are safe professional drivers with an enormous number of accident free ticket free miles, many even reaching a million safe miles and beyond.

BUT . . . there are a handful of trucks that you don't want to be around whether the driver is unsafe, or the truck or load are unsafe.

Over the years I have seen many truck loads shift (fortunately not mine) and the majority have been because the load was not secured properly in the first place.

A good reference for cargo securement is:

National Safety Code Standard - Cargo Securement

More on road safety at
Forklift Safety at
Or see my photos at


Mike Golch said...

It all boils down to taking time time to do it right.

Jeep Parts said...

man so many accidents.