Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Freak accident is deadly

Truck trailer plummets sixty feet off overpass and crushes 4 cars below killing one man.

I had to make my way around the massive congestion caused by this crash three times today with one trip passing right by the scene. My camera battery was dead when I drove past the scene though unfortunately, I had my camera on too long earlier taking the long distance shots shown here.

I have seen many many crashes over the years but never anything as dramatic as this one. The wreckage was more like a pile of scrap metal pushed across the road.

All together the westbound lanes were closed about twelve hours for the investigation and clean-up.

Beyond the human cost of the tragedy, can you imagine the other costs of this accident paralyzing the south west corner of the city the entire business day and into the evening.

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papercages said...


Texas Wanderer said...

Wow! That is one heck of a crash!

We had one like that here in Dallas last year. A truck's load shifted and it tumbled over the bridge killing a 19 year old girl that worked at the nearby Hooters.

Bruce said...

omg, that's awful, but i just can't create image in my head of truck falling from up there :S there are no words to describe this....

Hype said...

Yikes! That's horrible.

Car Tuner said...

these terrible crashes makes me scared to drive.