Thursday, November 20, 2008

Eight Crashes on Highway 427

At the end of my driving day yesterday I had one last run up highway 427 when our little snowfall came. We only got just over an inch by the time it was over but the temperature was just below freezing so it turned to ice as tires compressed it on the road.

The ten mile stretch that I drove took me more than an hour and a half as I passed crash after crash after crash.

Eight crashes (none serious) as well as several spin outs and a couple of cars in the ditch were the main reason for traffic to be moving about walking speed. Once in a while traffic would speed up to about running speed until someone started sliding then back to walking speed again.

This was a perfect example of drivers either ignoring the road conditions or not being able to recognize them. Almost all of the collisions I saw were due to vehicles being too close to each other when they had to brake and not being able to stop or slow down enough then CRUNCH.

Oh what a day to own a body shop. I had a friend that owned one and he was as happy as a pig in mud when weather was like this.

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Robin Green said...

I know we have some bad wrecks around here when things get bad like that. Hope no one was hurt.

sanchit said...

it is shocking to say the least!!

Shinade said...

Hi Don,
My old man has been running up in Canada and all of the northern top half too.

I've had a ton of calls about the snow. You be careful out there.

Wow I'm glad you're on EC I am marking you in my favorites!!

Happy driving and stay safe!!:-)

Shinade said...

Hi Don,
I went ahead and added you too. I have got to get shut down now or I am going to be over my time limit.

Thanks and good night!!:-)

acura said...

The road looks very slippery, accidents are bound to happen. Here in Malaysia, we have one of the worst accident rate in the world!

L. Venkata Subramaniam said...

you are right many drivers blatantly ignore the road conditions. I think there is an attitude among drivers that I am a good driver, and no that cant happen to me. You are right it is good to be careful, accidents can be dangerous.