Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Winter has arrived!

Well, it's here. The snow has arrived and ten minutes into my first flurry a car spun out in front of me as I was turning through an intersection.

The driver looked like he saw a ghost, he did a 180 and was facing me (driving a truck right at him) when he stopped.

Winter driving is much different than warm weather driving with some obvious hazards but sometimes there are hidden hazards as well such as "black ice". Black ice is a thin layer of ice that forms on the road that is invisible and causes a tremendous number of accidents each year (mostly vehicles in the ditch).

Whenever the temps drop below or even near freezing drivers must adjust their driving habits to suit the conditions. SLOW DOWN, LEAVE MORE DISTANCE BETWEEN VEHICLES and PREPARE TO STOP SOONER.

Drive safe!

More on road safety at http://www.ezee.ca/
Forklift Safety at liftright.net
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Mike Golch said...

looks like some cop need to slow down.I amanging it was hard to explaine the flipped crusier.

Texas Wanderer said...

You should try navigating ice and snow down where with a bunch of moronic Texas drivers that don't know how to slow down or steer on the stuff.

Broke But Still Drinking said...

Any suggestions on foot wear? I find myself falling on black ice quite a bit.

donssite said...

I find my work boots have a pretty good grip - far better that my running shoes.

Cromely said...

That's when the outside temperature guage in your vehicle becomes more important. A lot of folks think it's just interesting. It's really there to help you identify risky icing situations.

Matt Thompson | Mattheosis.com said...

Yes, Portland does it again.

Best thoughts, Matt

Sheila said...

You should be here in Texas, Heck you don't even need snow to have that many accidents. I'm tellin ya, Texans. CAN-NOT-DRIVE...lol...so I guess you can imagine what it's like when it does snow?...lol...oh, I may live in Texas, but was raised in So Cal. I know, Cali's aren't much better, but not as bad as Texans though, that I know 4 sure.