Thursday, October 23, 2008

Distracted driver or following too close?

Just about two blocks from where I start my driving day, this collision snarled traffic for a while.

Not stopping to ask, it looked like the SUV was going to turn into a business on the left (very common on this stretch of road) and the driver of the car may not have noticed in time and rear-ended the SUV.

I see one of these "turning" accidents along this stretch of road (about 4 miles) about every other month some more serious than others.

Nearly all of these type of collisions are totally preventable if the drivers would pay more attention to driving and give it top priority as if it were a life or death situation.


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wblmom said...

You are so right!! It is awful how many deaths there are on the road, that could have so easily been prevented and were not.

artofreed said...

If that driver do that again, maybe he/she will get a feee bonus for death!

Truck Fleet Training said...

I can see some women in the pic. Are they the one who drove the car?