Sunday, December 7, 2008

Taste of Winter

Well the first week of December and most of the States have had at least a little taste of winter weather soon to come.

The most important things about winter driving are keeping speed relative to road conditions which could be much lower than posted speeds, and keep lots of distance between vehicles. Be especially careful using on-ramps and off-ramps, that's where a lot of people lose it often on black ice.

A seasonal hazard on the roads in many areas will be the snow plows and salters.

Give them the room they need to make your roads safer.

On the bigger roads, Conga Lines.

You don't get by these guys, they are probably running along at about 30 or 40 MPH depending on conditions.

As each guy plows his pile to the guy on his right, they may be spreading a salt, sand or gravel mix for traction and to melt or prevent ice. You don't want to drive into that stuff bouncing around on the road as they spread it, it dings up your paint job pretty good.

I have the pleasure of driving behind these several times a year. It can be frustrating but it sure makes the highway an awful lot safer than without.

What a pleasure it is driving through the south in the winter.

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badthing1 said...

Thank you for doing this great service to your readers.

I believe it will cut down on driving accidents.

Shinade said...

Oh wow I'm here today. that's fantastic! Thanks for having me.

Oh my the old snow plows. My hubby plowed for quite a few years when we lived in Maine.

He was talk of every snow storm. Everyone tuned in on their radios to hear long slow Texas accent.

I hope your week has started good. I hope you got unloaded and are headed to get loaded.

At least those are Walter's main concerns on Monday.

Have a good week Don!:-)

June Saville said...

A worthwhile project your blog. Thanks for adding me as a friend on Blogcatalog.
June in Oz

Anonymous said...

Great blog, thanks for letting me know about it. My job involves dealing with road safety in the UK wih speeding offences. Keep up the good work. Best wishes. BC

Stiletto Sports Jen said...

hehe I live in Florida! Don't have to worry about this! Except I am going to NY in a week. Not happy about that!

Chris Bowers said...

I'm in Phoenix, and you just reminded me why.

Shinade said...

Hey I didn't even check yet but did you dare leave a comment? So many are afraid to stand up to this.

But you know I spoke the truth. Either way I will always love you.

But try to remember w/o us EC doesn't exist!

I am happy am probably will continue with my blog.

I don't know for sure yet. But, I do know if it continues it will be w/o Entrecard.

Oh my Gawd just a little girl like me taking on such a project as this??? How dare me???

I don't care if my rankings and my analytic's drop to nothing!! No one will tell me what I can or not can do with my blog!!

Love you Don, Merry Christmas and take care!!

Jade said...

Another good driving tip is clearly illustrated by the picture near the top of your blog entry- the lady getting out of her car into powdery snow.

If one lives northward, especially near the Canadian boarder- its smart in the winter bring good outside gear that will protect oneself form cold when going on car trips.

If one gets into a wreck and is stuck waiting a few hours for help and he/she is only dressed in formal office attire, he/she will surly freeze- as I know form experience. Standing out with snow all around with a dead car battery is no fun. Add, no proper clothing to that and you get one burnt recipe.

Nice tips in your post, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Nice entry, and if the blonde lady stuck in the snow needs help just call me. :)