Saturday, September 6, 2008

Truck crash may change commuters routes

A truck crash on the 401 express exit ramp to 404 and Don Valley Parkway in Toronto causes havoc for commuters.

Unfortunately, there will be on going delays and possible detours while repairs are done to the bridge and columns that were badly damaged by the fire.

After seeing the TV footage of the fire, I think the bridge should be replaced.

I believe the bridge is over forty years old, I wonder how it will handle a Canadian winter with tons of salt to melt the ice if they just do a "bandaid" fix.

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Jacky Times said...

That fire looks very serious. I second that it is time to replace the bridge.

Cre8passion said...

Wow, that is quite a pic of the crash! That image should get people to drive more carefully!

wblmom said...

Definitely get the point across. Yes I agree it is time to replace the bridge I would think.