Friday, September 26, 2008

Crash of the day

I passed what appeared to be a red light accident this afternoon between a car and a truck.

I was amazed at how badly the truck was damaged by the car.

I guess it was because of the direction, speed and location of the impact.

The damage to the car was about what I would expect.

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Lakelandmom said...

I found you on wblmom and I really like your site. My dad is a retired truck driver so this site is right up my alley. Because of my exposure to a trucker's point of view, I am the most courteous driver when it comes to knowing how much space they need... I'll be back! : )

wblmom said...

I was saying out loud the exact same thing "How did the truck get so damaged?" I think when you explained the direction, etc. that could be the only explanation.
We definitely know it's not cause they are maker cars better. :)

Anonymous said...

Being safe is being saved. I guess everyone should really try their best to be safe as possible these days.

And be sure to have those hotlines for the nearest International Air Ambulance Service in your town. It's just better to have a helping hand.

Hotel price comparison said...

well i feel sorry for the family who lost their loved ones.