Saturday, September 13, 2008

Head on collision on major divided highway

How can this happen?

A Head on collision on major divided highway at 4:00 AM.

Why was a pick up truck driving the wrong direction on Highway 403.

ALCOHOL, DWI, DUI, Impaired, Intoxicated, Drunk, and he escaped with minor injuries after killing two innocent victims in the car he struck.

In 2008, there is no excuse for drinking and driving. Many years of media, government and public condemnation of the activity and the social unacceptability should prevent people from drinking and driving but some still do it regardless.

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Distressing Delilah said...

That is horrible. Unfortunately it happens way too often.

Mohd Huzaifah said...

yeah sometimes we see some weird crash like your story, how the heck the 4wd went to the opposite direction and all things could happen on road.

Anonymous said...

it doesn't surprise me..I drove a long haul truck for thirty years and saw the downward plunge of driving habits.. which is refelected in the society we now live in.. we are inconsiderate,self centred,uncaring to the point of ignorance..think nothing of putting other people in harms way so we can get there a minute faster..the metro Toronto area is the worst area in North America for just plain dangerous driving,lack of courtesy and just plain stupidity

Mike Golch said...

the best way to describr drunken driving is this stupid is what stupid does by this I mean the stupidity of getting drunk than getting into a car or truck than driving.
the me atitude has got to stop. maybe bars should have a check you keys at the door policy and not give them bad to a person who has had too much to drink.
the sad thing is the repeat drunken drivers arrests and the willingness of those to drive drunk again and again.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine, while working in a bar ended up driving drunk and nearly killing herself. she fell asleep behind the wheel and woke up moments before it was too late, if she hadnt she would have ran right into a pole. She was driving a suburban at the time and is LUCKY it wasnt a person instead of a pole. This issue is one that needs to be delt with

wblmom said...

Oh my gosh, how ultimately horrible.
You know the thing is people who drink and drive can still see things like this in person or pictures like this and still get in their car and drive drunk, I don't get it!!

Automotive Marketing said...

Oh my!! so sorry about this! there are many deaths happening around the world over certain reasons and matter what! but i could strongly say that pressures have increased on man's daily life, he thinks more than before, gets more frustrated at times under the work pressure

gaga said...

I think it should be mandated by government that a device should installed on big trucks and many more that can detect if the driver has drank too much alcohol and thus the truck wont start.

- Gaga
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Art in San Diego said...

How do you come up with all of these pictures? Do you have a lot of users you participate and provide pictures? I like some of these posts but some are tough just because it's never good to see someone get into an accident but maybe it helps others realize they need to be careful on the road!