Thursday, July 10, 2008

Road Rage

There are road rage incidents happening all around these days but this time it's deadly.

Yesterday in the early morning an incident in Milton Ontario caused a fatal accident when a car cut in front of this SUV and slammed on his brakes.

The SUV driver hit the median wall and rolled while trying to avoid the car and was ejected and killed.

Unfortunately, However trajic and unnecessary this accident was, it won't effect many people's habits after a few days when the news stories calm down.

Drivers need to relax, leave a little more space between vehicles and be a little more considerate of other drivers needs. It's stressful enough for most people just driving on the highways not to mention the dangers of radical actions taken in the heat of a moment when someone gets pissed off at another driver.

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Ellen said...

You are so correct about this road rage thing. Just 2 weeks ago a lady cut right in front of me and startled the heck out of me. Luckily I wasn't going so fast that I needed to slam on the brakes but it sure made me mad and LUCKILY I didn't over react. Typically I would have honked my horn at her. But this time I just took a deep breath and tried to be calm. Also this day and time we can't afford to honk at people like that because they could easily shoot us since so many people are doing that now days.

Ian said...

I totally agree on this.

Road rage is deadly! Just the other day my neighbor nailed this drunk driver for destroying his car this los angeles accident attorney. Tightening the laws and showing little tolerance can solve the drunk driving epidemic.

Laurie said...

I had never seen road rage like I did when I use to live in Florida.
I actually witnessed two motorcyclest chasing down a truck that had cut them off.
I just couldn't believe how much road rage I would see, every day.
Maybe it was the heat frying everyones brains. lol

AutomotiveMarketing said...

not only this, but in normal roads also, public give jerks doing things suddenly and crossing the roads at their wish..

Telecom Jobs Europe said...

Oh God!what a horrible incident it was.

suplado said...

Pray first before driving to avoid all this...