Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Fender bender - Hertz Don't It

I've been driving a lot lately and seeing lots of things to post about but just no time left each day to do it.

Well today, after passing two highway accidents and one accident at an intersection, I was sitting at a stop light and a car behind me edged ahead and bumped into the liftgate of the truck I was driving.

Of course there's not a scratch on the truck, but the car didn't do as well. He took out the plastic headlight lens, put a small scratch on the hood and a big gouge on the front quarter panel.

The bad thing for him was that it was a Hertz rental and he didn't take out any insurance, ouch!

Ten minutes after that incident, I passed the truck rollover on a highway exit ramp I've been hearing about on the radio all day.

Please keep a safe distance and drive safe.

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threio said...

OMG,how long before the ambulance arrived? Me, no rental insurance, an accident, I would have collapsed on the spot!

Laurie said...

Days like you had just make you angry sometimes. People not being careful when they are driving something that could be a death trap for all involved.
It also makes you sick inside thinking about what happened or what could of happened.
I have seen some horrible crashes, that I thought I would only see on cops and instead was right there up front and personal, from people doing stupid things or just not paying attention.
Okay I am off my soap box now, lol
thanks for your information and postings.

Lenin Nair said...

HI many thanks for your comment in my blog cutewriting.


Telecom Jobs Europe said...

I think we should have control on sped while driving.

Anonymous said...

Be careful which truck rental insurance you purchase, as not all have liability (damage to third parties). You must specify you want the damage waiver AND liability coverage as typically when you hit something with a truck that big, what you hit will sustain the most damage.