Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cell phones and gadgets in the car

I spend a lot of time on busy highways all day and I'm seeing more and more driver distractions develop.

I commute one hour into the city in my car in the morning, drive a truck intercity through the day then commute one hour home to the burbs in my car.

From my car, I see what everyone sees, lots of drivers talking on cell phones, some drivers eating or drinking, maybe putting on makeup or fixing hair.

From the truck though, I can see that drivers aren't just reading the newspaper and eating cereal, they are absorbed in their Blackberrys or trying to "text" on a cell phone or type into their laptop while they drive.

Between adjusting the music, talking on the phone, dealing with kids in the back seat or a thousand other distractions, it's amazing that there aren't many more accidents on the roads and highways.

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Da Old Man said...

Just this morning, I was driving, and some idiot in a Mustang blew a red light. Of course, he was speeding and talking on his cell phone. It wasn't that it just turned. I was lucky that the part of town where this happened was in an area with buildings just razed, or I never would have seen him, and may not be here today.

crafter said...

i use cell phones while driving and it's really uncomfortable but sometimes when you're stuck in traffic and time is moving fast, i have no choice but to use it.


iGoMuscleCars.com said...

I concur with what you observe on a daily basis, I also drive truck inter-city delivering freight on a daily basis. I see women putting on make-up, people reading the paper, talking/texting on cell phones. Automobiles are a high percentage of the cause of traffic mishaps. Yet there are no restrictions to monitor them like the Fed's do professional drivers. When dispatch calls and I am moving I tell them I will call back as soon as I pull over to accept the info that I need. Also I try to make sure I have all info needed before pulling out of last drop or pick-up.

dorugiu said...

Too many idiots are driving. Despite the legislation, almost everybody talks to the cell. And I do not want to mention the ladies anymore. I wonder, what is entending the police to do.