Tuesday, April 8, 2008


What a beautiful day it was today. So nice that I saw a few motorcycles out and about.

Motorcycles are so rare to see in the winter that drivers tend to forget about them. The temperatures will soon be reaching "t-shirt" weather and bikes will be everywhere.

It's particularly important for drivers on the highways to start paying extra attention when changing lanes and performing other maneuvers that pose a risk to bikers in traffic at highway speeds.

Bicycle traffic is also beginning to appear on the city streets along with many other "nice weather" hazards such as kids outside playing near the road or pedestrians, dog walkers and joggers.

Human traffic should be aware of their surroundings enough to stay safe around motor vehicle traffic but many pedestrians or cyclists are killed or injured every year because someone made a poor judgment call or the driver didn't see the pedestrian or the pedestrian didn't see the car.

Just commit to always using a little extra caution while behind the wheel.

More on road safety at http://www.ezee.ca
Forklift Safety at liftright.net
Or see my photos at donssite.com


memo said...

Hola llegue aqui desde blogcatalog muy bonita tu bitácora saludos.

Nubia said...

If you want to alert someone about road safety, go to Taiwan! I have never seen so many pedestrians get hit by scooters and cars (and the driver runs off) in my life! Pedestrians never have the right away--it's a scary place indeed! =)

Mel Avila Alarilla said...
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Jenna said...

A lot of accidents could easily be prevented if people just paid attention to what is going on around them! I always devote my full focus to the road whenever I am driving.

Gab said...

And god only know how many accidents people have in bikes with kids, you see this a lot in S.E Asia or Italy, parents driving fast with babies on the bikes. Crazy

Anonymous said...
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Polina said...

My mom says bike riders a re "wheeled donors":( Sad but true, we live in small town and every year there appear a new place with candles and flowers next to the road - to someone who has crashed when riding a bike. sometimes death takes the bike's passenger as well... and they all are mostly young people who would otherwise live long happy life:(