Friday, May 16, 2008

Stop Light Massacre

A couple of weeks ago I heard someones life change forever.

Early on a rainy morning I walked outside to take out the trash and I heard two thuds that sounded like hitting a metal trash can with a baseball bat.

I walked out to the road but I couldn't see anything and traffic was moving by normally so I went back in the house.

Then a couple of minutes later I heard a siren, I rushed out and saw a Police car arriving to join a fire truck and ambulance a block down the street.

I started walking down the street then saw that the stop light in the southern median was on the ground in the middle of the intersection.

A bystander said the driver was in pretty rough shape which was understandable after looking at the accident scene.

The really unfortunate thing is that it keeps happening.

I've seen the stop light in front of my house taken out three times in the last two years and twice they rolled over after hitting median curb. (Above)

I can't help thinking, Maybe it's time for suspended stop lights.

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That is awful. I hate seeing accidents. Makes me feel sick to my stomach. Obviously this is a bad intersection or something.

Medgirl said...

I am a Paramedic-was..staying home with baby now, but.. Hate to say that 3 out of 5 of our daily calls were traffic accidents. 2 out of three was either an elderly person or a teenager. At least two were deadly or critically injured and at least one was a motorcycle. I don't even want to start on statistics about drunk drivers or accidents involving illegal drugs. The worst was when it involved children..

threio said...

I think they are moving away from the suspended ones, the crazy weather around the country, most administrator feel they have a danger of falling on vehicles....

Nevertheless the system needs to be upgraded with sensors in roads are curbs is the logical evolution in my mind. something like rail safety systems