Monday, April 7, 2008

Red Light Camera and Seat Belt Fines

In this last week, two traffic control issues have come up in Toronto.

A Toronto Councilor wants to raise the fine for red light camera tickets to $1000.00 and drastically increase the number of cameras.

I would only agree to a higher red light fine if an officer witnessed and stopped the vehicle, I have always been against any traffic cameras.

The idea of raising the fine for seat belt violations to $1000.00 per person also came up in Ontario after 4 people were ejected from a van that rolled in Toronto.

Money, Money, Money. The OPP regularly set up seat belt traps at hidden on ramps, They are going to make a fortune at $ 1000.00 a pop.

Why don't they crack down on the shootings in the Jane and Finch area or home invasions and street violence elsewhere in the city.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

what really sux is that police are beginning to cameras to fine seatbelt violators.

it's unfair to have cameras spying on every action we make an mailing us tickets when we slip up or simply forget to put on our seatbelts.