Thursday, January 31, 2008

Oh oh, More snow

Well, it looks like lots of people are going to be shoveling some powdered sunshine soon (or already are).

Lookout, here it comes (again). After the warm front and thaw a couple of days ago, followed by the high winds and flash freeze here yesterday, now they say a foot of snow is on it's way. I've had enough of winter this winter, I'm ready for those Hot Hazy Humid days everyone loves to complain about in the summer.

I don't complain about them though, I love the 3 H days, even when they talk about smog and warn people with breathing problems. Aren't the people with breathing problems affected by frigid arctic outflow, I sure am, it takes my breath away and brings on angina symptoms walking into the cold.

Just a couple more months . . .

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