Monday, January 21, 2008

More Snow

Lookout for that snow out there, Winter's not over yet.

Whoa has it b-b-b-been c-c-cold-d-d lately. Now here comes the snow to top everything off.

Everybody remembers how to drive in the snow right? Kinda like driving in the rain . . . when it's frozen, or maybe like driving on ball bearings. Lock up your brakes in this stuff at fifty miles an hour and try not to do a dozen or so "360s" in the snow.

Just remember the best possible rule for the conditions, SLOW DOWN, and keep plenty of distance between vehicles. I don't know many people that like hanging out in the ditch, especially at this temperature.

Drive safe learning to at

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Shinade said...

it's silly and kokky time over at my place. Did you know you are a "Sweet Tater?" Well you are now.