Monday, February 11, 2008

Cold, CCold, CCCold

There are some serious cold temperatures around the Lakes today and I guess tomorrow too.
This morning, It took the mechanic an hour to get my truck started, hope it starts OK tomorrow.

Don't go out in that cold unless you have to, or at least be sure you are dressed for it.
If you have to travel, be sure to keep plenty of fuel in your tank, don't let it get too low.

There may be some black ice around too so watch for that as well.

See winter driving tips at


Holiday Traveler said...

It pays to be safe!

Swubird said...

Be careful. Excuse my ignorance, but what is black ice? My guess is that it's ice that is mixed with road dirt and oil, but I don't know. I live in a place that never gets road ice.

Have a nice day.

florence-villa said...

I hope snow falling has been stopped and you are feeling well.