Monday, January 21, 2008

Traffic not too bad lately

It's been a week or so since I've seen any real idiots on the road, till last night.

In three lanes of traffic, moving well about ten miles over the limit, some guy in the middle lane pulls into the hammer lane in front of me then sits beside another car in the middle lane both locked right on the speed limit. WHAT AN IDIOT!

Now the two left lanes slow down and the slow lane has turned into the passing lane and I'm stuck behind this guy for miles before his congestive traffic maneuver clears up a little. Then, he speeds up a little jumps across to the slow lane on the other side of the guy in the middle lane then sits there and screws that up.

I get out ahead of the pack and see in my mirror that not many others did.

The moral of this little rant. Don't be an Idiot! learning to at

Drive Safe

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Shinade said...

oh my husband is a driver. It's so good to see a site about truckers and the reality that they face.

I am so very glad that you dropped by and gave me the opportunity to join a site about trucking and truckers.

Stay safe out there and watch out for the four wheelers,