Friday, August 28, 2009

Shuttle Launch

I Blew it, I had what should have been a spectacular shot of the Shuttle launch but I lost it.

I was taking a time lapse photo and while I was trying to end the exposure, I accidently moved the battery door on my camera and lost power before the image was saved to memory.

It was gone.

The photo below is about 3 minutes into the flight as it heads north up the coast.

The photo I should be posting of the first 3 minutes would have lots of bright flame with a brilliant orange glow in the sky that lights up the whole river like the shot below that I did not take.

The shuttle lifted off in the bottom left corner of the frame went close to the top of the frame then arched down as it flew north away from me into the horizon.

Oh well, maybe next time.

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wblmom said...

Gosh I hate that when that happens and as odd as it may be yes I have done the same thing. Your pictures still are pretty cool though, thank you for sharing.

ciamis said...
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