Thursday, August 13, 2009

The new bridge is open!

In 2004, Hurricanes Francis and Jeanne pounded the Florida coast within three weeks, the worst of both storms was just south of Sebastian Inlet.

The storms did major damage to the old Sebastian River bridge, washed out part of the bridge approach and caused major flooding in the area.

The bridge was closed for a while causing people to detour to reach Sebastian from Micco.
My brother lives three miles from his work, his detour to get to work was 37 miles (each way).

They demolished the old bridges and replaced them with a bigger better stronger bridge which is much wider and safer than before.

For the local residents it's been a couple of years of inconvenience and congestion due to the construction but it's nearly complete.

The northbound lanes just opened a few days ago and according to the paper, the final clean-up and lane alignment will be finished soon, two months ahead of schedule.

Hurray for the Contractors!

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