Sunday, August 30, 2009

Revisiting the ETV

After seeing this amazing car at Checkers last Thursday and posting a few photos here, I have it's creator's approval to release some info about it.

Mike Vetter produces these beauties at The Car Factory in Micco Florida just down the road from me.

Mike Vetter

Here are a couple of videos of the car

If interested please do give Mike a call. I'm sure he'd be happy to build one for you.

By the way, you can find Mike at Old Town (Kissimmee) next Saturday under the clock tower

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jj-momscashblog said...

Cool cars, very cool I can imagine how much one of those would cost you. I read a little bio about your blog and about that it was about trucks, cars ect. I have been watching on the Discovery Channel about Truckers on the Ice up in Alaska and driving big rigs over the frozen ocean, have you seen this show? I can't stop watching it, very fasinating. Good blog. jj

Upcoming Car Auction said...

very futuristic! I haven't seen like this before!

Upcoming Car Auction

Brian said...

That's an amazing look, but I'd be much more excited if it was designed for low fuel consumption and low emissions. It seems to be just a body kit to put on a standard car (though what model(s) it fits was not listed on the site.

From the standpoint of Road Safety, I would also be concerned about the lack of visibility when driving. It seems to have very little window space.

Quite an eye-catcher, though! I'll definitely be sharing this blog post with my friends.

Limassol Cyprus said...

Great concept design!