Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Windrow Killer - The Yeti Snow Truck

I need one of these to get out of my driveway sometimes as you can see in my previous post Its Melting, it's Melting

The Yeti Snow Truck!

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car design news said...

Awesome to exchange link?

Travel to Chile said...

Amazing car. Its so huge. My god i wish i get to drive that beast.

Roto said...

I wonder how many hours went into designing and building that beast.
It would cause an accident from all the rubberneckers, if anyone saw it on the roads.

Shinade said...

Wow don I like the new look!! I have been so busy with so many things I haven't gotten to do much visiting...please forgive me.

Happy day!!:-)

Jobs In Pakistan said...


Nice truck.

Shinade said...

Whoaaaa that is a big truck. I would need a ladder lol!! I am just so happy for you.

Wow you are really coming along so good with the new site!!:-)

rozee said...


How people can drive this truck?

Jobs In Islamabad said...


i think there are so many people want to buy this vehicle.

Brisbane Hotels said...

Dude that truck is an accident prone object...beware of running it in the hi-way..yeah Roto is right. It would cause accident from all the rubberneckers. Everybody will turn their heads once they see it. I'll send this site to my brother, he is an auto builder. He might build a car (or is it a spider????) like this. Anyway nice photos. I love it..