Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ice chunks in the air

One of the hazards of winter driving are little (and not so little) chunks of ice from the tops of trucks and trailers. In this photo there are lots of little chunks of ice that just blew off the top of a truck maybe 1/4 mile ahead and the are all still moving and bouncing around amongst the traffic.

These little pieces of ice may not be too dangerous for vehicle control but they can do a number on a paint job, like stone chips, another thing auto insurance doesn't really cover well because of the deductible.

The big chunks can be extremely dangerous or even deadly, they can be large enough and heavy enough to go right through a windshield if struck at high speed.

A large layer of ice formed on a trailer can be a foot thick or more and can be as much as eight feet wide and twenty or more feet long.

A large chunk of ice can fly off a truck without any warning and break into a number of large damaging chunks that you can not avoid, unless of course you leave a good safe distance between vehicles.

Just another reason to keep your distance on the highway and keep your car insurance paid up.

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