Saturday, February 21, 2009

Oh No, Here it comes again!

Another swath of that white stuff and another surge for car accident lawyers and auto insurance agents, There will be accidents, injuries and insurance damage claims.

I know it was wishful thinking but I really hoped that the snow was finished for the winter but it looks like I'm in for another bout of shoveling my windrow.

If you don't know what a windrow is, there is a photo of my windrow in my post Its Melting, it's Melting.

Ahhh . . . If only . . .

But with my luck . . .

Take care if you have to drive in the stuff, leave early, keep lots of room between you and the other guy and . . . SLOW DOWN!

The ditch likes speeders!

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1 comment:

Shinade said...

oh brother you can say that again for me too. Wow it would be warm here today except for the frigid air blowing right down across the olains.

It's cold, windy and the heater feels good today.

Happy weekend Don!!:-)