Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rainy Day

It was a pretty wet day today and the rain caused havoc in traffic all over.

I saw several weather related accidents today.

There was a car overturned in a ditch after sliding on wet pavement that slowed traffic down a bit.

Then a few miles down the road was a big mess for several hours where a bus and truck tangled leaving the bus in the ditch.

Slow down in poor weather conditions.

No tires can grip a wet road anywhere near as good as a dry road especially when the road is "greasy" with traces of various automotive fluids and road dirt mixed with the rain.

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Shinade said...

I am so glad you made it through okay.

One of the company drivers at ATS was killed this week when a crane cable snapped while loading a wind mill blade.

The blades are 150 feet long and extremely heavy. He never had a chance.

My hubby just hit Wyoming I believe this afternoon and is in snow and some icy conditions.

Take care out there winter can be rough!!:-)

ufc videos said...

well rain cause so much damage to properties

wblmom said...

I know sometimes people just don't get that rain can be just as bad on the roads as ice or snow, especially the first rain with all the oil.
Something very similar happened to my husband and dad, thank god they were not in it, but two miles apart on the same highway were two different accidents from speed and ran and one happened right in front of them.
To Shinade, I am so very sorry about your one driver how utterly awful.

Jade said...

Jeez that's so scary! Glad you are not part of the accidents!