Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mandatory speed limiters in trucks in Ontario . . .

Legislation was tabled Wednesday at Queens Park, to make speed limiters mandatory for all Transport Trucks traveling through Ontario.

Trucks would be limited to 105 Kph or about 65 Mph as an absolute maximum speed.

What most people won't immediately realize is that this is going to limit the speed of all traffic and cause enormous bottlenecks on long stretches of two lane highways like 401 from Windsor to London because trucks won't be able to pass each other anymore so they will run down the road side by side at their top speed of 105.

Meanwhile, the car traffic that likes to drive 110 to 120 Kph or more will be sitting behind trucks that can't pass each other.

What do you think?

Am I wrong?

Any Opinions?

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1 comment:

Azure Islands Designs said...

Fortunately I think you might be right...maybe the powers that be should consider doing what they do in the US...transports drive in the right hand lane unless they are passing...seems to work well, for non transports, I don't know how transport drivers feel about the situation...we drove from Northern Ontario to Sanford Florida this winter and last winter!! The drive was very enjoyable with the transports on the right!!!