Monday, November 9, 2009

My first mistake was walking into Home Depot

So back in September, I met my wife at Home Depot to pick out some paint for the kitchen.

I painted the walls, Cieling and cabinets inside and out.

replaced the knobs, hinges and light fixtures

built in a new dishwasher and over the range microwave to go along with the new fridge and stove we had to get to match the paint

added a new "breakfast bar" to make use of empty space under the cupboards.

Just had to replace the dated kitchen floor, sink and countertop.

The carpet in the dining room, living room, hall and stairs just had to go.

the stairs were so ugly they had to be covered so, the handrail had to go too

new stairs, new rail

now I'm taking advantage of a couple of warm days to tile my front steps

more to come, it never ends . . .

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Jude said...

Boy, you've been busy busy busy and it looks great, good job. Makes me want to head over to Home Depot myself, I love that store.

Doug's Missoula Lifestyle said...

I know how you feel. Been there (to Home Depot) too. You have accomplished a lot in a short time; be proud of it. I get a lot of projects started but lose steam (or interest) and go on to something else. My wife hates that. I wonder if that's why I do it?

Sparky said...

sounds like your wife talked to mine I did about the same thing back in late August We had an enormous living room that we put a new wall in and made our selves an office with the new part.The bad part was before i finished it i was moved to a new job site that required 10 hour days so as of last night we just finally got the last coat of paint on, hope your project goes smoother than mine did.