Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New traffic lights

It seems like just about everywhere in Brevard County and Indian River County (perhaps the rest of Florida too) old traffic lights are being replaced by a new breed of presumably hurricane resistant green monster poles reaching out over the road where lights were once hanging on cables to sway wildly in a good wind.

I am just guessing about the reason but I know that when strong hurricanes hit many traffic lights get blown away or just end up dangling where they aren't supposed to be.

Even the old style mounted on smaller poles are being replaced with the monster poles

I've actually been seeing them in Florida for a number of years with lights hanging perpendicular to the poles on the newer roadways

But the new poles have lights mounted parallel to the poles which will further prevent wind from affecting the lights.

I also noticed they all have cameras conveniently mounted on them as well, hmmm, wonder what they are for.

I also wonder what happens when a car hits one of the poles, are they break-away like the old ones, and if so what about the guy under the falling pole?

Looking at the size of the poles, I imagine it will be more like hitting a concrete abutment than a break-away pole.

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Don said...

The town in which I live has all of it's main roadways and some smaller ones dressed with the new lights as well. Not sure about break-a-ways but I do know that Hurricane Katrina did not take them down. We had no electricity to operate the lights, but they stood up well in the face of that blow hard.

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These Road lights are much better then the old ones. Hangings are best option for the lights.

Edna / HandmadeDiva said...

Interesting post and photos. Great observation and great questions. Thanks for bringing us this info. I don't live in Florida, but have visited.

Brian said...

Cameras on the traffic lights is a great idea. In my town they've installed them at many high traffic locations and it's really cut down on accidents caused by people running red lights.

Now if they would just use this technology to help cut down on speeding.

Hotels Nicosia said...

People need to get used to these lights

Hotels Nicosia said...

People need to get used to these lights