Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Travel Photos

I just love traveling the Interstates

You see such a variety of drivers and vehicles

There are always cool sites to see whichever route I take.

Lots of different terrains

Lots of construction

and as always

Lots of hazards

You can't go through many states without seeing an accident

On this trip to Florida I saw far less than I normally see.

I like the reminder that Kentucky displays in this memorial

Any accident, any injury, any fatality is too many.

Drive Safe, Drive Alert, Arrive Alive and Unhurt!

Every driver that uses the roads is responsible for keeping them safe.

More on road safety at http://www.ezee.ca
Forklift Safety at liftright.net
See Truck photos or my other photos at donssite.com
and my photo blog or see optical illusions or web animations

Now you can listen to Pete Harris too


Diff.Thinkr said...

Great shots and thank you for following my blog......

Great site by the way!


Simply Being Mommy said...

Great photos! Love all the difference perspectives!

lowellpendon said...

Pictures and photos truly speaks a thousand words.