Friday, July 10, 2009

CRASH, BANG, tinkle, tinkle . . .

I was sitting in my back yard enjoying a nice sunny afternoon when a loud crash broke the dull whoosh of passing traffic.

I live on the corner at the intersection of a busy highway and a side street and unfortunately I see a lot of accidents right here.

Luckily, nobody was seriously injured in this crash although one lady was taken to Hospital for observation.

I don't know the exact details but I believe the Volvo driver was blinded by the sun while making a left turn and did not see the Mercedes.

In the eight years I have lived here, I have seen numerous serious crashes here including two that took out traffic light poles and one where a car flipped and did several barrel rolls.

Besides the human suffering resulting from a car crash, the financial cost can be tremendous, especially when large vehicles are involved.

The cost of commercial vehicle collisions can easily reach a half million dollars or more even when there are no injuries and can affect thousands of drivers with gridlock and detours.

In the end, the tow truck operators are the only ones that really benefit from a collision, let's put them out of business, . . . OK?

Drive to Arrive Alive!

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Daisy said...

Owzers! Brings back painful memories... *sniif* But thankful still that I came out alive in my ordeal.

Btw, thanks for featuring my badge on your blog! XoXoX


Brittany Tucker said...

Thank goodness no one was seriously injured. Good pics!

Becki said...

I would hate to have to hear that many crashes from home! Ugh! I think there have been two accidents near my house since I've lived here (five years) and both of them were drunks :(

Tony Briley said...

Driving is sooooooooo difficult!

Red = stop
Green = go
Yield = wait

It's unfortunate people can't follow three simple instructions.

Shinade aka Jackie said...

Wow that's a doozie alright! i am so glad no one was hurt severely.

Hi Don! I am back to my blog and trying very hard to make all of the rounds and visit my friends.

I hope you are enjoying a lovely summer. I have missed visiting very much!

lunaticg said...

You must be the one who will be the 1st one to run and giving the 1st help ya?