Thursday, March 5, 2009

Run over by a truck

I have posted this video of a truck driving over my camera before, I need to shoot it again but this time with some lighting on the ground pointing upwards to light up the chassis as the truck drives over.

I don't work for this company anymore (LMT Transportation But I still do their website), every truck they had was immaculate, Now either Ken or Karl's truck would be newest looking and somewhat clean.

I'll see how it comes out if I can muster up the lighting and wiring if procrastination doesn't set in.

I really meant to do it all last summer and even had my camera in hand looking for Karl one day that we both had nothing to do but something came up before I found him so I put it off again.

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National Transport LLC said...

That has GOT TO

Shinade said... better becareful!! Hi don...just dropping in to say I hope you had a great week and I am finally back online!!

I hope you have a Happy St. Patrick's Day!!:-)))))

Anonymous said...

oops ! did i missed something ! hehe