Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Bikes are Back in Port Dover

Another Friday 13th has come and gone without any notable news from Port Dover where thousands upon thousands of bikers go EVERY Friday the 13th.

I live about an hour from Port Dover (not a biker) and had several hundred bikes go by my house through the day in some very large groups where a normal nice March day there might be twenty or thirty all day.

This is an excellent time to remind people to look out for the bikes, they've been scarce in the Northern areas for a while.

Check your mirrors twice, of course make sure they are aimed for maximum view, and give the bikers a chance, a motorcycle is no match for a car or a truck when it changes lanes.

Drive safe!

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redb1ker said...

I would like to add a message to the bikers. While it is important for cars to look out for you, you need to pay special attention during the first part of the riding season. You know the folks in the cages haven't been looking out for you for a couple of months and they forget what a single track vehicle looks like. Ride rested and geared up. Don't daydream.

Jay T.

Tina said...

Thanks for this post! My husband and I ride every year, and you wouldn't believe the situations we've been put in. BTW - I cannot imagine daydreaming on the motorcycle unless I were a passenger! I sure hope no one is doing that while driving, especially with a passenger on the back.