Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tailgate party on the Freeway

I haven't written much lately about my favorite pet peeve - "Tailgating"

If the guy in front of you stops real quick,


Maybe not so easy in the winter.

I was on the highway yesterday and couldn't believe there was not a serious accident.

A pack of cars (maybe six) came flying onto a highway ramp behind a slow truck. Several cars were severely tailgating as they entered the highway and panic ensued as they caught up to the truck. A couple of them managed to merge across into a middle lane but one guy who may not have seen the truck till the others moved, slammed on his brakes and spun off the road in a cloud of smoke and dust. I think he hit a road sign but I'm not sure as it was happening behind me now.

If this had happened today in the snow, the one car that spun out wouldn't be the only one to lose it.

On the highway in the snow, dangers of a collision are increased exponentially so you have to add that "exponential" factor to your defensive driving techniques.

This winter has been pretty brutal in some areas so far but there's still more to come so take care out there.

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tonsblogger said...

Well, icy road really brings danger, in the terms you want to stop but no way you can stop, its sliding. One I watched in a TV show is the "Black Ice" on roads. This is a thin coating of ice,on road but unnoticeable, its a cause of many winter vehicular accident.

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Shinade said...

Hi Don,
As you know already I am back. It was sure good to see you drop by.

Walter has been on one load now for 5 days because of the ice. And he's headed to New Jersey.

Stay safe and keep up the great work helping everyone understand about big trucks!!:-)

rusty said...

Yup makes me soooo mad, causes road rage in many!

Cromely said...

I'm always amazed at the folks who zip by me on the snow and ice. I know I slow down in the bad weather, but still. The only way to avoid wrecking with minimal traction is to slow down, increase distance, and keep maneuvers smooth.

Or to stay home.

Anonymous said...

That little dog with the black collar, I think he used to work with me.

Lakelandmom said...

Don, I did check out your pics at and I LOVED them! I followed an ad to a site I liked, too. Have you seen ?