Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ahhh Summertime . . .

Summer . . .

A warm ocean breeze under a cloudless blue sky.

Warm ocean waves

even road construction and traffic jams everywhere

Then a nice steak on the BBQ when I get home with a cold beer of course.

Ahhh . . . Summer

Oh yeah, I gotta go shovel the driveway, The coldest air of the season is settling in for a few days and the still slushy snow is very quickly freezing into crackling crunchy ice and that can be pretty wicked to walk on when the driveway is not flat.

Stay indoors for the next few days if you can (in northern areas) Exposed skin can freeze in just a few minutes in the right conditions. If you must go out, drive to the conditions. Give yourself extra time if weather is a concern.

More on road safety at http://www.ezee.ca
Forklift Safety at liftright.net
See Truck photos or my other photos at donssite.com
or see optical illusions or web animations


Jan said...

Love the progression of the photos - the last one just cracked me up. Have a great summer!

HammelmanArt said...

What a card game! I assume it is not strip poker!

party_girl said...

good pictures