Friday, July 30, 2010

New Retro Look of the International Lonestar Trucks


I just love the retro look of the new International Lonestar Trucks.

As it turns out, my former employer LMT Transportation Services called me to come take some photos of their new fleet of trucks including their Lonestar daycabs for their website.

I was their Safety and Compliance guy for some years but I still take care of their site.

They rounded off the fleet with International Prostars for Over The Road.

And they've still got a bunch of pretty trucks for the Machinery Moving Division like this Kenworth

and some shiny Peterbilts


Auto Wheel Industry said...

Very big and powerful truck with large capacity.Really this vehicle is very useful for heavy transportation

boom trucks said...

The trucks look very handsome ...regal look and great engine built...they should be sure owner's pride.Thanks for sharing the events here.

Con Artist Trickster said...

What a bulky and massive looking vehicles.
Dropping by with some kisses, my friend. Have a good new year's eve!