Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Headline News puts Baby Gabriel over Haiti?

Looking for news on Haiti, I came across Nancy Grace on HLN - What used to actually be a news channel "Headline News"

I find it hard to believe that Nancy Grace squawking away about some missing baby aparently kidnapped or something is more news worthy than the disaster unfolding in Haiti where THOUSANDS of people DIED - Good Call HLN.

Years ago, Headline News I received was a half hour rotation of actual news that seemed to be updated with real news through the night which is why I bought that cable package, I never watch HLN anymore with the garbage they spew out, last night and tonight are a good example with their LACK of coverage (My Cable Network anyway).

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David DeWall said...

I am so thankful that since I live in the Philippines now, I do not even have to surf past the obnoxious bully Nancy Grace! You have the right call on HLN. Where's the news!

Privathospital said...

2010 starts with worst disaster. I pray for the one who lost their lives. RIP.

Mark said...

Two earthquakes in a matter of few days which has taken thousands and thousands of people's life. Lets all pray for those who lost their life's

explore myself said...

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