Friday, December 4, 2009

Half way there

This is about half way to where I want to be about now with the colder weather coming this way.

New River Gorge Bridge near Fayetteville, West Virginia was for many years the longest arch bridge in the world.

(still just as long, someone just made a longer one)

Anyway, I'm just not ready for the snow yet

and I'm definitely not looking forward to driving around in the stuff

Ah . . . . . . . . . . .
That's better.

Where ever there are palm trees, they probably don't sell snow shovels.

I'm not a biker but it's a cool place to go

Earl's Hideaway in Sebastian Florida, one of the best places around to just hang out with a "cold one" on their sand bar listening to the band, or there's Captain Hiram's just a couple of blocks up the river with a nice sand bar and beach on the river to enjoy a cold one and listen to their band.

Captain Hiram's incidentally is where Pete Harris played for years.

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FishHawk said...

Whoa, I thought you were still down in Florida? When did you drift back north?

Shaun McGowan said...

Wow, that shot of the snow... poor visibility... you couldn't drive in that!

Shaun in Melbourne

donssite said...

@ FishHawk,

I've been "up and down" a few times this year for different reasons, getting ready to sell my house near Toronto then move to Florida permanently.

donssite said...

@ Shaun McGowan,

Actually, I was the only hourly employee out of about 600 that worked that day, I had to drive production parts between two manufacturing plants so they could run the next shift.

The drive that normally took 30 minutes each way took over two hours each way and I was the only one on the roads.

I drove a ten ton truck (ten Wheeler) intentionally overloaded with about 25,000 lbs. of dead weight so basically nothing could stop me that day.

The roads were totally impassable for cars during the storm so I took the truck home that day.