Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wheelies on the Highway

I've seen a lot of stupid moves on the highway by a lot of people that should not be allowed on the highway but a couple of nights ago I saw what absolutely had to be tops in stupidity and the most dangerous stunt I've ever seen.

I was driving along in a construction zone at night in fairly heavy traffic where 3 traffic lanes were re-aligned several times over a couple of miles. The lanes shifted suddenly along the stretch with uneven pavement and poorly marked lanes.

Suddenly, a motorcycle passed me doing a wheelie at about 75 miles an hour in the inside lane. That IDIOT was followed by a Honda Civic passing me in the outside lane swerving in and out of traffic with about twenty seven kids hanging out the windows shooting videos with their cell phones. I guess it will be all over youtube by now, maybe I can find it and include it in a follow up post.

This stunt could have turned fatal so quickly in so many ways.

The motorcycle was totaly invisible to me as it approached because his headlight was pointing upward, he continued on passing a number of other cars after me. He passed me where the lanes shifted and the uneven pavement shifted across each lane at an angle and where the lanes were not clearly marked. I could have drifted in front of him without realizing and it would look like it was my fault.

I wonder if any of those kids would volunteer their videos if there was an accident.

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